Sunday, March 28, 2010

Major Improvements And Datastore Refresh Scheduled for 2010/03/28

We have made major improvements to some of the functionality in i-Emote. These include the following:
  1. The list of all available subjects that is displayed in i-Emote's subjectindex page and which is reachable by clicking on the Find Subjects link in i-Emote's menu has been redesigned both in appearance and in functionality. Previously it only showed a list of available subjects. It now shows a list of all available subjects along with all the resources that each subject has associated with it. To create a comment you now just need to click on any of the resources for any subject.
  2. When associating a resource with your comments you are now able to change the text of the subject to anything that you want. Prior to this change the text of the subject was not able to be modified when the comment had an associated resource.
We believe these improvements along with numerous others that we have made in the last few weeks serve to make i-Emote better for all members.

As a by byproduct of these improvements we have had to drastically modify the way we store our member's data. Unfortunately this requires us to refresh the datastore of all comments previously contributed by our members while i-Emote had been in beta up to and including 2010/03/28. We greatly regret the need to have to do this but we anticipated that this might be required and publicly stated as such when we initially released i-Emote as beta for public review.

We sincerely hope that our members understand that we are doing this only because there is no other way and that the result will be a better i-Emote experience for everyone.

Member account information is not affected by this and has not been deleted. Members can still login to i-Emote using the same user names and passwords they always have used.

We anticipate that this will be the last major modification to the way we have defined our datastore and that no further loss of member data will be necessary.

We also want to thank all our members for their patience and for their contributions during this beta period.

The Team

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