Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Community Page

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a new feature called the Community Page. The Community Page is where you can view and reply to up to 1,000 of the most recent comments from the entire i-Emote community.

We are currently considering how best to integrate this page but for the time being it is available by clicking the Community link on the main menu and is the default page where you are directed to after logging in to i-Emote.

The two options we are considering for the Community Page are the following:
  1. Replace the Home Page with the Community Page thereby making it the default landing page. The Home Page would be renamed and would be made available by adding a new option to the right sidebar.
  2. Fold the functionality of the Community Page into the Home Page and provide a toggle to switch between the 2 different views.
Of the two options we are leaning towards the first because we believe that it would provide the greatest benefit to all members.

Leave your feedback on this at our suggestion page at

The Team

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