Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Feature! URLS!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature that allows you to easily associate your comments with web pages.

i-Emote now makes it incredibly easy to share your i-Emote comments about your favorite web pages. Just type a valid URL into the subject field when you are creating your comment. When you submit the comment by pressing the 'say it' button i-Emote will validate the URL. If i-Emote determines that the URL points to a valid web page it will capture the title of the web page and use that for the subject of your comment and will also include the link to the web page with your comment.

 For example, the URL points to a catchy Arlo Guthrie tune posted on YouTube. To include the web page it points to in your comment type or paste the URL into the Subject field:

When you submit your comment by clicking the 'say it' button your new comment will appear as follows:

When viewing your comment you can click the www icon to browse to the web page.  In addition, it can also be shared.

Please leave your feedback which will be greatly appreciated. It will help shape the future of i-Emote which is, after all, all about its members.

The Team

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